For my second peer review I will be talking about Yelyzaveta Panchenko’s site: www.distributricee.com

Upon first glance her blog is very beautiful. I love the colours and her choice of font. I also think she does a very good job of utilizing the “above the fold” concept. Because not only does she have an interesting header photo that intrigues me, but there is the “explore all new trending” at the bottom — which makes me want to scroll down.

Although, this header image really makes me want to click the “follow me” button — but when I click on it, nothing happens. I would suggest having this button go straight to either the About Me page, or a social media platform. And speaking of social media platforms, they are easily accessible from the upper right corner of the blog. With there just being Instagram and Facebook. However, the Facebook is private/for just friends — and the Instagram has no connection back to the blog. I would suggest connecting these platforms more. So for instance, making a “fan page” on Facebook — rather than using your personal page. And posting the link to your blog in your instagram bio. This will make it very easy for people to connect you to your blog as well as your blog to your instagram and vice versa — no matter what platform they are using.

When it comes to the personality of the blog, I find it difficult to imagine who exactly is writing these posts. While I know the name of the author because I’ve been given it to complete the assignment — and it can be found in small writing on each individual post as well as through Insta or Facebook — there is nothing on the About Me page. Even if you want to make this blog anonymous, make that clear (and then maybe remove the connection of prior mentioned social media). Or there is of course the possibility of using a pseudonym. And then, while each individual post does shows the author’s name … it says Elis — which not the same name as that on facebook. Even just making the most simple decision of choosing a consistent online name can help make your brand much more successful. And I would also suggest adding an image, which can also make it much more personal than the ominous grey human silhouette.

Another suggestion would be to make the process posts as well as peer reviews individual posts, rather than pages where new words are added each week. I would then suggest putting them both under one category of Academic or PUB 201. In the long run this will be much easier. Because as you write more process posts and peer reviews, there won’t be any necessary scrolling to try and find the one that you want. This will also put all of the school related content together, making it completely separate from the rest of the blog. And even with regular blog posts, utilize the categories rather than have each one show as being “uncategorized.”

over all the posts of DISTRIBUTRICE have a clear motive, and it is done in an incredibly efficient way through their writing style and interesting and informative topics. My only suggestion would be a more connection within the social media presence and an extra personal touch, and then all will be well!

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