Global Footprintz: Peer Review #1

For my first peer review I will be looking at Nina Martinez Travassos’ blog: Global Footprintz

Her blog is pleasing to the eyes, with bright photographs against a clean white background. It feels as though the photos of the places she’s been are the highlights of the blog, though upon reading her posts we can see that her writing that is the focal point. In her first process post she details the ways in which she is adapting her blog from when she ran it last year — into what she wants it to be about now. Moving on from the more diary-like personal blog, she hopes to turn it into a place for travellers to go to when hoping to find information as well as tips for when they’re travelling to the places she herself has been to.

From looking at her first two blog posts of this year the direction that she is trying to go in is clear. By showcasing the many different things to do in various places around the world through lists — for example, In her post on Santo Domingo she lists 5 fun things to do, telling us that her experience there was the best experience that she had while living abroad. She is working towards the brand of a travel book in blog form — think The Lonely Planet. Making her posts about just 5 things to do in each place make them quick and easy for anyone to read, and her past personal posts make them feel unique and personable.

My only recommendation when it comes to the blog posts is to try and address an audience and perhaps try to include some background on each place that is being explored. By doing this it will make readers feel as though they are being spoken to directly. Like a friend is giving them advice on where to go in Santo Domingo — rather than someone on the internet that they don’t know. And by including a little bit of background on the places being talked about, readers don’t need too much prior knowledge upon finding these posts. And it allows for people who initially had no interest in travelling to these places to suddenly become interested once they learn a little bit of history — and then end up reading the entire blog post to learn even more. While it might take more time, in the long run it will only make each post more substantial and interesting to read.

I would also suggest to have a home page of recent posts rather than an image scrolling down to the “about me” section. This allows for readers to immediately see what content is being created on the blog and get to reading them as quickly as possible.

All in all I love the direction that Nina is taking with her blog! as someone who does not travel nearly as much as i would like to, it is interesting to look back at her stories from all around the world. And as someone who hopes to travel more, and knows many people who do have the travel bug, it is also insightful to learn things about each place she has been to and have tips on where to go to have the best time!

While she has only made a couple posts it is obvious what her blog will shape up to be, targeting the audience of people bit with the travel bug, and those who want to know how to the most fun possible when travelling around the world. I am sure I will look back on her blog the next time I plan a vacation — even once this course has concluded.

Feel free to check out her blog here!

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