media & makers: process post #2

During last weeks class we took a trip to the newly opened Media and Makers Commons up on the Burnaby campus. This new section to the Bennett Library is a hub for all things creativity. With work stations to use embroidery machines to full on 3D printers, it has so many resources capable of heightening one’s brand. 

Being given a tour of the commons allowed us to see all aspect of the place, and allow us to start brainstorming ways that we might use these resources for our own blogs. We were shown the 3D printer station, laser cutter/Dremel room, and then the audio, video, editing, and VR studios. For me, I had a lot of difficulty thinking of what I could try and incorporate into my blog. For starters I knew I would not be using the 3D printers, because a.) I still don’t really understand them and b.) I don’t have the patience or use for what I would get out of them. Similarly I couldn’t find a use for the laser cutter either. While it would be cool to make little magnets or coasters with my blog name on them, at this point in my “career” i think it’s a waste of materials. That then leaves the audio, video, editing, and VR studios. I’m too shy to post videos at this point of my blog so that was out of the question. And I’m not sure what I could use the VR tech for besides getting unnecessarily nauseous while living out virtual realities. That left the audio studio, which If I’m being honest, I’m still intimidated by — much like the video studio. While I made no progress with this idea, I thought of the possibility of a podcast. Although in the year 2020 everyone and anyone can make a podcast, so I would have to think of something creative that would make me stand out. I haven’t been able to put too much thought into this small idea, but i’m hoping that it will branch out into a bigger idea, or many more little ones (because even those are better than 0 ideas). And I hope that they will allow me to reach bigger audiences across multiple platforms, allowing my public to be those from all over the internet.

While i unfortunately din’t come out of last weeks field trip with a clear and concrete idea for heightening my blog’s “brand,” The Media and Makers Commons definitely helped get the juices flowing in my usually quite dry brain. So, I’m looking forward to possibly developing this idea further and ultimately utilizing all that the commons has to offer.

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