branding: process post #3

In our last lecture Mauve Pagé told us all about the many ways in which one can go about branding, and the ways in which we can perhaps use these techniques in our own blogs. 

Some of the aspects we talked about were the simplicities such as logos, fonts, and colours. For me, I have a bit of difficulty with font. I really quite like the theme I’m using on WordPress, but it doesn’t allow me to change the font for the large title at the top of my blog. And so, I have had to try and replicate this font (or at least find a very similar one) on pages such as my ‘about me’ page. When I first made this page I was using a different theme, and all the fonts thus went together — to me this just shows how easy it is to lose continuity on your blog without realizing it. I used elementor when crafting my ‘about me’ page, so it’s not connected to the rest of my blog and therefore doesn’t adapt to the changes made elsewhere. 

When it then comes to colour, while I understand the idea of certain colours provoking certain feelings and emotions from people, I didn’t really take that into account when choosing the colours for my site. For me, I’ve just chosen colours I like. For my blog last year I kept my theme neutral. White background, black text, black & white header image, and the accent colour was a beige-y yellow. So, for this semester I decided to revamp my blog with colour. With my accent colour now being a bright yellow-y green (chartreuse?) In Mauve’s lecture she mentioned that green can evoke positive emotions, growth, rebirth & nature, stability, endurance, prosperity, abundance, wealth, and luxury. But to me, this colour is happy but also sophisticated — although I’ve only had this colour on the blog for the last couple weeks so we’ll see if I grow sick of it soon. 

We then have the logo. And the logo is something I have difficulty with. I made an image which is showcased on the sidebar of my blog, which is just a photo of me on the yellow-y green background with the name of my blog. I made that in procreate last week as just I wanted something that showed who I was, while also showcasing the blog name as well as the personality I hope to express through my blog. I don’t think this is a logo though. I just wrote the name of my blog in somewhat fancy, somewhat messy writing using the app on my phone. To me I have difficulty in creating a logo because I don’t necessarily see my blog as a “brand” — it’s just me. Because As Jerry McLaughlin say’s in his article, “Put simply, your “brand” is what your prospect thinks of when he or she hears your brand name,” and I want the “image” that people associate with my blog & my writing to be me. And if we are seeing [not so] eloquent emma as my brand name — I’m still trying to figure out what that then means for the way in which I present myself to my blog because, as McLaughlin says again in his article, “your brand name exists objectively; people can see it.  It’s fixed. But your brand exists only in someone’s mind.”

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