For The Love of Pinterest: Process Post #6

I remember when Pinterest first became a big thing. It was very much connected to Facebook and 12 year old Emma loved to use it to make collections of all her favourite overly saturated dance photos, or funny Hunger Games memes. If you don’t believe me… here’s my old Pinterest account. Then, as Facebook began to become “uncool” — Pinterest became the holy grail for middle aged white moms everywhere. Utilizing its (not so) funny crafts and DIYs for dinner parties and book club gatherings everywhere. Needless to say, I stopped using Pinterest for a bit.

However, I began to avidly journal about 2 year ago, and one of my favourite things to incorporate into my journals is pictures! I started by using apps like Tumblr to collect photos I liked, and then printed them from word docs. However, I really wanted a place where I could find similar photos, but have the ability to organize them easily. And then I remembered! Pinterest!

Seeing as I love using Pinterest for monthly journal spreads, an aspect of the app that I love is the fact that you can now merge boards. And by doing so create collections of multiple boards all together. I do this after a month is over, and then add said monthly board to a collection of all the boards from that year. This allows my boards to be much less cluttered. And I also don’t have the confusion of having multiple February boards at one time.

I am now an avid Pinterest user, I not only use it for my journal, but I have a variety of boards that I constantly add to just for fun. I would definitely say I’m proud of the state of my current Pinterest account, and whenever I find myself bored I end up on the app — pinning away. And in order to get a feeling of the visual vibe of my blog, I have made a not so eloquent emma board (although it is very new, so don’t judge the lack of pins). To me, I find that Pinterest allows for you to easily organize many ideas — visually. You can easily write down a list of things you would like to incorporate into your bedroom design, but Pinterest allows you to do that through visuals!

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