let’s get analytical: process post #4

Last week we had a presentation from Michael Despotovich of Apples and Oranges Media, and he spoke to us about the powers of analytics, and the ways in which we can use these resources to further enhance our blogs. 

This was an extremely beneficial lecture because we were able to learn new ways to take the information that we already knew we could gather, and understand how to actually use them. 

Along with google analytics, we were also able to see the resources other social media sites offer — such as twitter and facebook. This allowed us to see the importance of spreading your brand across multiple social media platforms. Which then gives you a broader amount of analytical feedback and information.

One of the other takeaways from last weeks presentation was Michael Despotovich’s encouragement for us to use Google Data Studio to make a visual presentation of our google analytics.

This makes it easier to have an overview of all the pieces of information we are able to have access to via our Google Analytics. And it makes It easier to read and understand — especially for someone like me, who is still trying to fully understand each and every component of google analytics. 

Google Data Studio also allows for customization of these visual presentations — and they can be used to show possible companies or collaborators what type of audience your site is garnering.

And, somewhat unrelated to google analytics, he also recommended we use the resources of Google Ad Settings. This is because it shows us the information that Google has been able to gather about us, and tells us what google thinks of us as a user. It was also very interesting, and slightly creepy to look at this information. Some of the points were surprising, some made complete sense, and some were quite random and clearly from one off searches. For instance, it makes sense to me that sites such as Amazon and Redbubble come up — because I know I have recently searched them/visited their sites. Although, I know I’m not interested in American Football and so i’m curious how or why Google thinks I am.

Along with Google Ad Settings, we also introduced us to Google Trends. This allows us to see what is “trending” in terms of google searches, and can give us insight into what people are looking for online.

Although, like I stated in my weekly discussion last week, I’m still familiarizing myself with the ins and outs of google analytics. But i hope to learn more because I know that this is one of the best ways to learn how to broaden my audience, and understand where my audience is coming from — whether that is in terms of geographical location, the type of device they’re viewing my website on, or the way in which they are finding my website. 

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