The Story of Not So Eloquent Emma: Process Post #5

*clears throat* hello, and welcome to story time. Today we have the story of a girl and the birth of her website: not so eloquent emma. Enjoy.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away there was a girl. A girl named Emma. She liked the read books and watch movies. Although, Emma was a bit different, because once she had finished reading those books and watching those movies she just couldn’t shut up about them! She had to tell everyone and anyone about the amazing book she just read, or the incredible film she just watched. Gushing her heart out about each little character, and each aspect of the plot. Whether she was talking to her mom, best friend, or random person in a bookstore, she couldn’t help but be unabashedly passionate about the stories she delved into. And so, one day, when Emma was told to make a blog for her PUB101 class — she knew exactly what she would do. She would put all the enthusiasm she has towards to magical elements of storytelling and dedicate a whole website to them. Writing reviews, lists, and other random essays all about the fictional (and even sometimes non-fictional) worlds that she ever so easily gets lost in.

~ the end ~

Alright, not really the end. That was a bit dramatic wasn’t it? But alas, that is the story of my site. I have always loved to read books and watch movies, and I have also found myself getting so invested in these worlds that I want to tell absolutely everyone about them. I remember reading The Hunger Games for the first time and having the ability to chat with pretty much anyone about it. Snd when I first saw the film La La Land, the movie touched me in such a deep and specific place that I was immediately inspired by the story, but the film as a whole.

For me, I want to maintain this feeling with my blog. That feeling like a kid in a candy store — except this time it’s like Emma in an interactive exhibition for her favourite fictional world (I haven’t been to Star Wards Land at Disney Land but I know i’m going to freak out). I want to be able to share my immense connection and infatuation with these stories, and thus encourage others to experience them as well.

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