The Regeneration of [not so] Eloquent Emma: Process Post #1

upon creating Not So Eloquent Emma, I’ve had to try and figure out who exactly is my audience, and what public it is that i’m trying to reach.

To put it plain and simple my public would be the type of people who are interested in what I write about on this blog — so nerds? i’m joking (kinda). My public is most likely book readers as well as movie watchers. My public would be the concrete audience that I am trying to reach, and then the counter-public would be the opposite. For instance if I were to write a positive review for a film, the public would be fans of that movie and the counter public would be the kind of people that seek out positive reviews to hate on them (or visa versa)

As I start to try and “regenerate” my blog from my past publishing class, my main goal is to try and grow as well as maintain my audience. In order to do this I am going to try to branch out to instagram again — something I have tried in the past — as well as link this blog to the twitter I use now and then (but mostly lurk on). Although, one thing I also hope to do is additionally use this blog as a portfolio for my writing, making it both personal as well as professional. Perhaps doing so by including a tab on my blog to showcase pieces i’ve written for the school newspaper (i’m currently working on it!).

Although, my overall number one goal for Not So Eloquent Emma is to be consistent. Whether that is in the type of content I am creating or the amount of content I am creating. I want to try and post the best thing I can at the best time, while also refraining from going on extended hiatuses. For instance posting a movie review as close to the release of the movie as possible, or a list of Oscar movies to watch right before the Oscars. To me this will help me to gain a better understanding of what my brand is — as well as the what audience I am trying to attract.

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