a two for one deal: emma’s recommendations

did ya here that? a two for one deal! if you’re confused, on this episode of emma’s recommendations I’m going to be not only recommending some movies… but books as well! I’m going to be recommending some of my favourite books that also come with some fabulous movies (and vice versa!)

although, I will start this will a couple ~disclaimers~ I have not seen nor read every single one of these movies or books. for some of these recommendations I have only read the book and some I have only seen the movie (although most are ones I have only seen the movie, lets be real). I will also say that I am trying to focus on standalone books, as well as ones with adaptations that I myself enjoy (*cough* no Percy Jackson on here *cough*) but all in all the goal of this blog post is to introduce people to some fabulous books as well as movies, especially seeing as many tend to prefer one over the other. so here we go !

book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012, dir. Stephen Chbosky)

alright if you know me (which you probably don’t, let’s face it) you will have almost certainly heard me talk about this book as well as the movie. I remember reading this book in grade 9, around the time many of my friends were reading it. And while looking back on the film, and seeing that it definitely ha sit’s cringe-y moments and screams “music just sounds so much better on vinyl *cigarette drag*” (yeah the cigarette is a crucial part to that for some reason), This book had a strange and weird but also impactful influence on my “teen years”. I’m not exactly sure why, because I really have no ways to relate to Charlie as a character, but at the time I read this I was in the same grade as Charlie and I too was getting used to high school and making friends. And while it took me a couple years to really enjoy high school, I think this book/movie really helped me. It also introduced me to pretty much my entire music library, and I literally still listen to the soundtrack regularly. This is also one of the super rare and cool occurrences where the movie is written (AND DIRECTED) by the author of the book, which is why I think it translated to the screen so well (especially to 9th grade Emma). In fact, in my last couple weeks of high school I think I watched this movie about 6 times because I was sad and nostalgic — but every time I watch either re-watch this movie or re-read the book, I notice new little things I didn’t the first (or 2nd or 3rd or 4th) time around and end up loving it even more.

book: Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

movie: Love, Simon (2018, dir. Greg Berlanti)

I talked about this movie a bit in my 2018 movies post, but I still want to try and persuade people to not only watch it but read it! I’m not sure what else I have to say besides the fact that it is just a super cute book, and a super cute movie. It’s your typical high school teenage rom-com but it’s a specific story that we don’t see told in a lot of mainstream or higher budget movies. There are also slight differences between the book and movie — so why not read and watch both to get the whole story! (also read Becky Albertalli’s other books because they are all equally funny and cute).

book: The Martian by Andy Weir

movie: The Martian (2015, dir. Ridley Scott)

Now this is a movie that I have not read the original book version of! although when talking to my sister in law, who has read the book, she told me that it is just as witty and clever as the movie — so what more could you ask for? While I really love this movie (& think it’s kind of under appreciated) I will unfortunately never forget the first 5 minutes where he (Matt Damon, to give a visual) gets stabbed by a metal rod thing (I don’t know science objects) and has to extract it from his abdomen— ANY WAYS, While I know many people were annoyed but this being in the comedy category at the Golden Globes, I think it’s a really clever and entertaining film. What I’m trying to say is this movie is good, and I have heard nothing by good things about the book as well.

book: If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin

movie: If Beale Street Could Talk (2018, dir. Barry Jenkins)

(yet another movie that I have not read the book of) You know Barry Jenkins right? director of Moonlight? the academy award winner for best picture in 2016– after the whole La La Land fiasco? well just this last year he came out with another film, one that was not on many people’s radars. Beale Street is such a beautiful film, and the original book is also a well loved novel by the well loved author James Baldwin (how many times can I fit loved into one run on sentence???). And while I myself have not read it, the reviews I hear say nothing but praise. It’s a beautiful story, and while as I said I have not read the book, having read some of Baldwin’s other writing I can imagine the book itself is just a beautiful.

book: Fantastic Mr. Foxby Roald Dahl

movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009, dir. Wes Anderson)

Now this is an odd occurrence where I read this book, and have a pretty good recollection of reading it. Although I remember doing so in order to watch the movie (even though I was like 10) because my brother really liked the movie and so I wanted to watch it etc etc… That being said I have literally no recollection of watching the movie, even though I’m almost 100% sure I did. Although despite all that I remember 10 year old me liking the book (and that says something because all I read at the age of ten was rainbow fairy magic books so it took a lot in me to branch out). AND I have a slight memory of liking the film, and I know it is well loved by many others– So read the book, watch the movie, do both!!

book: The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

movie: The Sisters Brothers (2018, dir. Jacques Audiard)

Now while I will be honest and say that I do not love this movie (mainly because I am not a fan of westerns), after I saw this with my brother and a couple of his friends I was told that the book is much much better. And while I have yet to get around to reading it (probably because I didn’t like the movie) seeing as I have heard that the book is far more entertaining, witty, and fun when compared to the movie — I am indeed interested. That big said, this is definitely an instance where the movie is not bad — just not my personal preference. The highlight is most definitely the brilliant acting (and Jake Gyllenhaal despite his weird accent) but other than that if you like westerns and blood and stuff — you’ll like this movie! (and the book probably)

book: Call Me By Your Name by Andre Acimen

movie: Call Me By Your Name (dir. Luca Gaudanigno)

now I myself I have not read the book, but I have heard a variety of reviews for it. My mum DNF’d (did not finish for newbs) this bad boy after deciding to read it on the plane ride back from our (sort of) yearly girl’s trip to NYC. She told me it was good but got really repetitive and was sometimes just a bit too much (ya feel?). Although, I have of course heard other people say it is a beautiful novel through and through and I know some people that simply ADORE IT. That being said, I’ve seen the movie, and the film is exceptionally beautiful for may reasons – the story – the acting – the cinematography – the cOloOuRs – the speech from his dad — I could go on. That being said I think one can easy enjoy both the book AND the movie — or one or the other! which I think is a really cool thing about stories and storytelling. (also there’s a sequel to the book coming out this fall ???????)

book: Wonder by R.J Palacio

movie: Wonder (2017, dir. Stephen Chbosky)

Now this is just a super sweet story that I think is really well told in both the book and the movie! One of my favourite things about this is that when the movie came out, some of the kids I teach dance kept telling me how they read the book at school and then went to see the movie, and told how much they loved the book & the movie! This is definitely a story that was aimed more towards kids (and middle aged moms), but it tells a really important story that I think everyone and anyone should hear and can learn from.

book: Emma by Jane Austen

movie: Clueless (1995, dir. Amy Heckerling)

Now, I bet you didn’t know that Clueless was loosely (very loosely) based on Jane Austen’s well loved novel Emma (wonderful title) but it is! like I said, it is a loose adaptation, so you could really read the book and watch the movie and get completely different messages (but I mean who doesn’t want an excuse to watch a Paul Rudd movie so that him never aging can be the topic of every conversation you have for the next week?) that being said both the book Emma and the movie Clueless are wonderful and I really do recommend them both.

So there ya have it! I hope this inspired you to read some more book, or watch some new movies, or do both! (although I would not suggest doing both at the same time, it can get quite confusing).

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