what took so long?: Captain Marvel movie review

the time has finally come! three nights ago (Saturday, March 10th) I was able to finally see one of my most anticipated 2019 films… *drum roll*… CAPTAIN MARVEL! I have been looking forward to this movie since the second it was announced, especially with Brie Larson attached as the title role.

This review will start with some vague opinions in order to prevent spoilers for those who have not yet seen the film. I’m then going to go into the idea of why on earth it took so long for marvel to release a female led film, and then I will then go through some specific aspects of the movie — so if you don’t want spoilers I would suggest keeping to the top half of this post! (I will also put a disclaimer before I start talking about spoiler-y stuff)

First things first, I actually really enjoyed this movie. It’s funny at times, as well as heart warming and empowering. I would definitely be lying if I said I didn’t feel like I could literally do anything after walking out of the theatre. There are definitely times with slow pacing, cheesy writing, and pretty bad CGI — but there were so many things I loved, that I feel like they overshadowed those flaws from time to time. If you are a Marvel movie fan this is pretty essential to see, especially when gearing up for Avengers: Endgame this April. It actually makes me much happier knowing that butt-hurt dude bros will be forced to watch this movie because of a certain end-credits scene…….. I won’t say much more because ~spoilers~

It also helps that you don’t really need to see the other MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe for newbs) movies prior to watching this because it takes place before all of them (in 1995 to be exact). Although, there are little Easter eggs and characters that are cool to see if you have seen the other movies! If anyone needs more convincing to see this movie: there’s a sick soundtrack with a collection of awesome 90’s music and an adorable kitty with a little bit of a bite — what more do you need?

overall rating: ✰✰✰✰/5

Captain Marvel is about Carol Danvers, the most powerful Marvel superhero that you’ve probably never heard of. While I myself had never really heard of Captain Marvel before this film had been announced, she’s been in the comics since around 1967. And while I unfortunately don’t have the time (or money! comics are expensive!) to read all the comics having to do with her, I tried to do as much research on her as possible through the internet (one of the most helpful sites being the marvel fandom-wiki site) And after reading up on her character and multiple (much needed) costume changes — I can’t help but wonder what took marvel so long to include her in the MCU.

Not only is Captain Marvel seen as the most powerful hero in the MCU (as said by the producers) being 20 movies into the MCU she is making history as the first female MCU character to have a solo movie. Her first comic appearance was in December of 1967, so she’s definitely not new in town — but it’s taken 10+ years for her to be introduced on screen. So that begs the question — what took so long?

In all honesty I see it as them preparing for Avengers: Infinity War/ Endgame and wanting Captain Marvel to be part of the “new avengers” that will be running the show after that last movie. We obviously don’t know what is going to happen in the final avengers film — but I think a lot of us have an idea of how things are going to end for some of the old school characters. So in a way, I do understand their decision to introduce her later in the game —

That being said.. I am frustrated that they didn’t make a Black Widow movie sooner (as some of you may know, there is one now in the works). Why wait 10 years to have movie centred around a kick-ass female superhero, especially when you have many that are already in your films? Now while I don’t really think the two (Black Widow & Captain Marvel) are very comparable characters, with having very different capabilities as well as backgrounds. From what we know about Black Widow’s back story, I think a solo movie would be really interesting. But when it all comes down to it — I think it’s based on numbers and through the years people care more about Iron Man and Thor than they do about Black Widow. She isn’t a God, and she doesn’t have super powers, alien blood, or even a fancy suit — although, with Captain Marvel finally coming out as well as the making of a Black Widow led film, I’m hoping that more and more movies like this will be made. And I hope that it soon won’t be such a big deal for the main character in a superhero movie to be a female.

**beware spoilers up ahead**

okay, now lets get to the nitty gritty.

before I get to things that actually happened in the movie, I just want to say that the Stan Lee montage at the beginning was beautiful, and literally made my sister-in-law cry (we we’re about 40 seconds into the movie). That along with his (possibly last) cameo part way into the film were perfect ways to honour him.

  • Firstly, Goose is my favourite thing ever. I had read up on Goose (in the comic, Chewie) so I wasn’t surprised when it was revealed to be a bit more than a cat. That being said, I am a total cat person and therefore loved every moment that cat was on the screen — AS WELL as the reveal of how exactly Fury lost his eye.
  • Next, my sister-in-law and I basically almost started applauding when “I’m Just a Girl” by No Doubt started playing during that final battle sequence. Probably one of the best song choices since Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” In Thor: Ragnarok (at least in my opinion) That scene was also SO well done, and a very good turn round from the first battle scene which I found to be very dark, and hard to follow along with. Although, with her full powers finally being “activated” this is definitely where some of the odd looking CGI came into play, so some things looked a little weird. but in the end it was …….. ~marvellous~
her first “suit”

  • I then loved the fact that a.) her costume is very practical & honestly looks comfy and b.) they didn’t try to push a love-interest. I am by no means saying that it’s bad that they had Wonder Woman in a skirt, or that it’s impossible for a female character to be strong as well as in love. But I really liked what they did here. There is a lot going on with Carol in this movie, she’s trying to figure out who she is as well as come to terms with her powers — I think it would have been really messy had they tried to interweave a romance. This is also definitely a change for MCU female characters, as pretty much all of them have a love interest (or it is at least heavily implied) in the films (the only exception I can think of is valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok). And with her costume, I am very glad they went with inspiration from her more recent suits from the comics, rather than some of her earlier “suits” (if you can even call them that) because they just don’t look comfortable or practical to be fighting in! (her costumes have definitely evolved since she was first introduced in the comics, and this article takes a good look at the evolution of what she’s worn)

here are some of her more recent looks from the comics — which definitely contrast her first costume.


  • And finally…. I mean that end credits scene, what more could we want? It definitely raised a lot of questions, at least for me, because in the Endgame trailer and tv spot Captain America has short hair, and a clean shaven face — but in the end credits scene he has his longer Infinity War hair and a beard. curious… very curious… anyways, long story short not only did this 100% confirm that Captain Marvel will be in the 4th avengers movie, but it definitely got me even more pumped for when the movie finally comes out in April!

so all in all while I will fully admit that this movie has flaws, and I am by no means saying it’s perfect because it has a female lead. I honestly really enjoyed it and am hoping to see it again soon. And I am also hoping that no one reading this chooses NOT to see it just because there is a female lead. No matter who the main character is, there are good movies and there are bad movies. There are also enjoyable movie and not-so enjoyable movies. This one just happens to be both!

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