oh my god she’s back again: a renaissance of sorts


i know exactly what you’re thinking “uhg, her again?”

and yes, you would be correct it is i again! and yes i love the enthusiasm. after taking a much needed break i have decided to return to the internet world and begin to post on Not So Eloquent Emma yet again. I like to think of this as a renaissance of sorts, because i’m hoping to bring this blog back bigger and better than it was before! Though as you might notice, i haven’t posted on here for a while now. I finished school back in April and then proceeded to go away for a couple weeks with my parents where I met my little niece for the first time! and also traveled to one of my favourite places in the world (New York) and saw the amazing Hadestown on Broadway. Now while that was pretty much two months ago now (time flies when you’re having fun), I am now ready to come back to my little corner of the internet and try my very hardest to resume my postings about all my favourite (& least favourite) books and movies that i consume this year!

I already have some pretty fun posts planned so I hope you continue to read along 🙂

I have also started up an instagram (@notsoeloquentemma) and have been pretty active on twitter (@notsoeloquentem) so i would suggest following me over on those platforms for even more content!

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