like speedy gonzales: february wrap up & march madness

holy cannoli, I can hardly believe February is over. that month went by like speedy gonzales! I’ll be honest and say that is partly why this wrap up is a few days late — along with the fact that I am a chronic procrastinator.

February was a pretty crazy month, and it felt even more crazy because of it’s short length. I did have the wonderful and beautiful thing that is reading break, although I definitly did not get very much work done (that being work I was supposed to do as well as wanted to do). February was the month of not only my mother’s birthday and my sister-in-law’s (the same day nonetheless) but also Harry Styles’ birthday — so that was nice. I watched quite a few movies (5 to be exact) and only 3 of them were really any good. I also watched a plethora of television, but only one show, and it even kept me up until 6 am one night! how swell.

While I might’ve let myself watch a lot of movies this month, I unfortunately only got around to 2 books (although if I am being completely honest 1 and 1/4 books because I finished the second one of march 2nd… but who cares right?) These books that I read though….. amazing…. although I have also already read them.

As I said, I already read these books back in high school. Although the author announced the release date for the first book of a companion series a couple weeks ago, so I instantly had the urge to re-read the whole series — naturally. Being in university though, I unfortunately find myself with little to no time to read for fun. Although, one of the many ways I am able to do so is by listening to audio books. My commute to school is anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and so each time I’m sitting on the train or bus — I listen to a book! And pro-tip for audio books! — I listen to them on either 1.5x or 2x speed (depending on the narrator) and it helps them go by a lot faster (especially being a fast reader myself). I’ve started to re-read the Harry Potter books by doing this (currently on the 5th book), and am now doing it with The Raven Cycle. Although, I listen to the audio books through my public library so I have to put holds on the books before I can loan them (this because the ones I want to read are apparently ones everyone wants to read) — so I’m currently patiently waiting to get be able to loan the 3rd book in TRC (it’s supposed to take about 3 weeks :/ )

Having read The Raven Cycle back in high school I honestly think I skim read 50% of it because I comepletly forgot half of the things that happened. That being said by re reading these books I am also being reminded of how stinking good they are! If you don’t know what these books are about — and to be honest you probably don’t — they are about a girl who lives in a house full of physics, who starts hanging out with a group of ‘raven boys’ (boys who attend a very pretentious private school) as they all search to find the body of a dead welsh king but the name of Glendower. It’s got magic, latin, birds, and even a bit of romance here and there. It’s actually supposed to become a television show on the syfy network, although it is still very much “in production.” All in all while it definitley sounds very weird, and yes it is, I highly recommend everyone reads this series! (in physical or audio format)

For movies this month I saw a total of 5. None in the theatre sadly, but all from the comfort of my own home. Most of these are also 2018 movies because I had been catching myself up for the oscars, and I think it’s safe to say that a.) I didn’t really need to watch all the movies I watched, and b.) I can almost make my 2018 top ten movie list!

okay Fyre, I honestly don’t really know why I decided to watch this movie, especially seeing as I don’t really like documentaries all that much. I was mainly interested in what actually happened with the infamous fyre festival — and was intrigued by all the memes circulating. It was meh but all in all interesting because I didn’t know that it was actually that crazy. 3.5/5✰

I honestly don’t know what came over me (on Valentines day of all days too) that made me decide to watch Velvet Buzzsaw… maybe it was the fact that I knew Jake Gyllenhall’s tushy was in it? I don’t know. This movie is… weird… and I don’t really think in a good way? it’s hard to say, but if you need to know one thing: a character wears Air Pods in literally every scene except for his death, and I just want to know what on earth he was listening to??? 2.5/5✰

Okay, now we’re at the good stuff. Can You Ever Forgive Me? was a movie I saw trailers for earlier last year and thought meh looks boring. But then everyone was saying it was super good and I was like huh, okay. And let me just say… yes, it’s good. it’s really cool to see Melissa McCarthy in a serious role, especially because it shows how talented she truly is. Both her and Richard E. Grant we’re phenomenal in this movie (and I really think he should have gotten the Oscar! especially for his final scene in the movie). I will also say that this movie has a lot of great content for people like me who LoVe bookstores. (there are a lot of bookstores and they’re all so pretty) 4/5✰

right after watching Can You Ever Forgive Me? I decided to watch a very similar film, First Man. that was a joke, ha ha. I really really wish I saw this movie in theatres because like Damien Chazelle’s other films it’s very ~cinematic~ I also think is was very much snubbed at the oscars, and 100% should have been nominated in categories other than the technical side of things. With that being said I actually really liked this movies, and believe it or not… I cried. yes, I cried in a movie about n e i l a r m s t r o n g. 4/5✰

the final movie I watched, and definitely the best of them all was Roma. If you do not know what Roma is you most definitely have been living under a rock. The should have been best picture movie that was written, shot, and directed by Alfonso Cuarón (yes, the director of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban!). This movie is exquisite! and for all those who are now immediately interested because I said he’s the director of one of the best Harry Potter movies (yes, that’s why) lucky for you it is available to watch right now on Netflix. 5/5✰

While pretty much all through January I was listening to one band and one band only, in February I was able to branch out a bit and compile a playlist. It’s a mix of quite a few random songs, but they were pretty much what I was feeling this month

I don’t really know what to say about this playlist, other than it really shows how odd my taste in music is. we have chill songs like “Harvest Moon” and “Morning Has Broken” which make me feel like running through a field of daisies. Then songs like “Psycho Killer” which I mainly listening to because I can see a really sick jazz dance choreographed to it (but that’s the dance teacher in me talking). Then there’s an angsty 2000’s classic with “Say It Ain’t So,” and a cameo of Greta Van Fleet with a cover of an Adele song. We then have “Bad Habit” by Ben Platt. Now, Ben Platt is probably best known for his small role in Pitch Perfect, and for originating the titular role of the critically acclaimed musical Dear Evan Hansen, but on the 29th of March he’s releasing his own album (!!!) He’s released 3 songs so far, and while I love them all his first single Bad Habit is my favourite. He has a beautiful voice (definitely thanks to his theatre background) And his songs also have really beautiful music videos that tell a story so I would suggest checking those out as well!

Okay! as a University student I unfortunately don’t find that I have enough free time to commit to watching t.v shows. This is especially true with shows that have 45min to 1hr long episodes! it’s like watching 10 separate movies! That being said, I was luckily able to watch a bit of tv this month — that being a couple seasons on one show, and like 2 episodes of another.

I finally got Amazon Prime this past month which means I can finally watch Parks and Recreation! The Office is one of my favourite shows, as well as similar shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Seinfeld, Community etc etc… These shows are all very similar and very similar sense of humour! and B99, The Office, and Parks and Rec are actually all made by the same creator so that makes sense. The great thing about Parks and Rec, as well as the most dangerous thing about it, is that the episodes are only 20-30 minutes long! so I can watch 2-3 episodes within an hour. While the other show I started to get into this month was one everybody and their mothers were talking about on twitter: The Umbrella Academy. This show it really weird, and the episodes are quite bit longer so I have only seen the first two episodes. That being said the show is weird, but a good weird, and I hope to finish the series this upcoming month!

So now, March. March is looking to be a pretty good month if I am being honest! My brother and his wife are due to have their first baby around the 10th (update: they had a baby girl on the 5th and I am beyond excited I litterally cannot contain it!!!!!!) and this is my last full month of school! There are also some exciting movies coming out, as well as books.

In March I’m hoping to read 4 books

The first two being the continuation of my Raven Cycle series re-read, and the second being new books being released in March! my fingers are crossed I am able to get to all 4 of these things month.

While for movies I’m hoping to watch at least 3

Captain Marvel is a movie I have been anticipating since the second it was announced Brie Larson would be playing the main character, and I can’t believe I will be able to watch it in just a few days from now! Having Jordan Peele’s Us on here is just optimism in it’s greatest form, because while I really want to see it– I doubt I will because I’m a scaredy cat. And the last movie, You were Never Really Here, is one of the last 2018 movies I really really want to watch before I make my final favourites list.

For t.v I actually have a super anticipated show coming back which is

If you have not heard of The OA, it is a Netlfix show that came out a couple years ago and the second season is finally coming out later this month. There is pretty much no way I can explain it because it’s really weird. But it’s kinds of like Stranger Things mixed with Maniac? Don’t know if that sold anyone on the show — but everyone should watch it!! (part II comes March 22nd on Netflix btw)

So there we have it, my collection from February and aspirations for the month ahead. Not sure I will get to everything I want to watch and read — especially seeing as it’s already well into the month and I almost started rewatching LaLa Land on Netflix (which I never realized was on Netflix til now !!!?!?!??!?) instead of doing homework.

So dear March, please be nice. Let the warm weather come soon please and let my school work be finished quickly.

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