hey hi hello! and welcome to Not So Eloquent Emma!

I’m Emma, and I would describe myself as easily enthused, entertained, annoyed, and most definitely —- not so eloquent… but above all, I like to talk about the things I love! whether I’m spewing out nonsense to my mum after seeing a bad movie, or scribbling my thoughts down in my journal, I like to discuss books, movies, and everything in that realm — no matter how eloquently it comes out.

So that’s where this blog comes in…
‘Not So Eloquent Emma’ is my little space on the internet, where I talk about those things I’m so easily enthused, entertained, and sometimes annoyed by in everyday life — all while I try my oh so very hardest to sound ‘eloquent’.

To see more of what this blog will entail feel free to check out the about me page… and while you’re at it, feel free to follow me on my socials below!

  • I use goodreads to log and reviews the books I’m reading
  • Letterboxd to log and review the movies I watch
  • and twitter mainly to stay up to date with what everyone is talking about (while also randomly tweeting things I think are funny from time to time)

so there you have it! welcome to

Not So Eloquent Emma

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